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Eight Guideposts to Recovery from Anorexia Nervosa

They Starved So That Others Be Better Fed:
Remembering Ancel Keys and the Minnesota Experiment

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The documentary “Parents-to-Parents—Anorexia: What We Wish We Had Understood” found at  was produced by parents who experienced the confusion, frustration and fear that resulted from their child’s struggle with anorexia.  With the help of expert commentary, parents share what they wish they had known at the onset.  The documentary provides important insights that enable parents to be more compassionate toward their child and understand the process and tools of recovery, including refeeding and Family Based Treatment.  The movie ends with a message hope and encouragement from those who have been there.  It is not just for parents, but can also be used to educate pediatricians and other concerned adults or family members.  


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